Instagram I.D by You & FLING FLING


For your interest in Instagram I.D below we have some tips gathered from what we've learned during this project. Even if you forget everything else, please always start your recording in HD with your phone sideways and preferably via the camera on the back of the phone. It can be tricky but the results are great!  


  • Showcase different clothing looks and hairstyles.
  • Shoot on different days, in different light (day/night). 
  • Find cool places/landmarks in your city, show off the best your City has to offer.  Even secret places.
  • Roam/Pan with the camera. Your face is beautiful, but variations in shot, even the space around you, the sky and your outfit make the video more dynamic.
  • Film over the course of 7-14 days. Do a couple of shots a day for a week? One a day for two weeks? It's your life, document it when you're feeling it.  
  • Try something different; ask people to film you with your phone, with a camera, with a pocket camera, with a GoPro. Go underwater? Get creative!

We'll promise to edit the video into a 15 second masterpiece if you...

  • Record at least 10 videos that are about 1 minute in length. 15 x 1 minute videos are ideal.
  • Shoot over the course of at least 7 days to a week.
  • Link all the videos to us in one folder on Dropbox, Mediafire etc. Please try to keep the video files in their original format without filters. How do you do that? Hit Submit below with your links. 

The more amazing your footage, the faster we'll edit it and post it. You'll be fully credited, it's a collaboration. Your Instagram will be I.D'd everywhere the work appears. And yes, we will of course give you a download of the 15 second video cut in full resolution to post on Instagram too. 

So you're ready to submit...