5 < 5 #1 - Fresh Soundcloud Finds

The first part in our weekly series, bringing you 5 fresh sounds under 5 days old. 

A difficult task when you follow tonnes of artists that always have consistently great outputs. But, proud to bring more great music forward and start the series right with those easy feels / on point production...

Sydney's own Milan Ring with Nehzuil at the top of the playlist. They're currently in the middle of a weekly to bi-weekly series. Every track they've put in work on together is dope. Check the Nehzuil soundcloud for more. 

Silo with his heavily sampled 'tear it off' with some soul / funk legends and of course some the Wu in there too. 

Ian Ewing in collab with Flamingosis. Flamingosis is easily one of my favourite producers going right now and he's prolific as hell. So many gems freely available at his Soundcloud. 

Eu-IV, the new era in B-more, with his tripppy purple soundscape and also apart of the Flow-fi fam. Always a forward thinking producer that surprises. 

And finishing with C.Y.G.N a producer I only just recently found out of France. Lots of tracks with those good vibes. And Lost Sight showcases this artists skills as well as any. 

Annnnd a little bonus because you read to the bottom. The new and first collab between Troyboi & Stooki Sound! This was a long time coming. Only a few hours old. Stream it here.