5 < 5 #2 - Fresh Soundcloud Finds

The second part in our weekly series, bringing you 5 fresh sounds under 5 days old. 

Yet another difficult task, but we have a playlist  with some smooth/jazzy R&B out of New Zealand (always punching above their weight), pushing through to some harder selections from Carmack & MISOGI. 

Auckland's VILETTE on the vocals with very tight production too. It looks like Troy Samuela and her have been putting in a lot of work together. Having just discovered VILETTE, very interested to see where this project goes. 

Track 2 from [ bsd.u ], another one of the many producers you'll find on Soundcloud that doesn't share their location or their identity. Just came across this producer with lots of short / tight beats. And there's a lot of quality to be had. 

Myth Syzer out of Paris, one of my all time favourites. And one we've given some love to previously, featuring a dope remix for the Jadie Collins video last year...

Mr Carmack...you already knowww. The first release from an upcoming EP. 

And finishing with MISOGI and his Worldwide effort. 

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